Year-Round Ales

Being brewers and beer lovers, we cherish variety in the beers we drink. That’s why we bottle more than 20 different beers each year. From the assertive hop flavor and citrusy aromatics of our bestseller, Avery IPA, to the deep russet hues of Ellie’s Brown, our year round ales offer full flavored brewing artistry for all palates!

IPA_Badge200White RascalEllies_Badge200Out of Bounds StoutJoe's Premium American Pilsner

Seasonal 6-Packs

The only thing more exciting than the arrival of summer in the Rocky Mountains is the Avery brews that come with it! Around Boulder, summer is synonomous with our Karma Ale, and skiing just isn’t the same without sitting down with a few New World Porters to end the day!
New World PorterKarmaOld Jubilation Ale

In 1998, on a mission to cram more flavor in our brews, we created Hog Heaven Barleywine-style Ale–a strong, 104 IBU explosion of piney, resinous hop flavor balanced with a caramel, candy-like malt finish. Those well versed in the parlance of hops now prefer to call Hog an Imperial Red, but back in 1998 “barleywine” was the only moniker available for a beer with such gravitas. Hog Heaven was followed shortly by The Reverend and Salvation to complete The Holy Trinity of Ales.

Hog Heaven: Dry-Hopped Barleywine-Style aleThe ReverendSalvation

The Avery Dictators Series was born of an inexorable need to trek further into the depths flavor: all three of the Dictators represent an exploration of beer flavor through the medium of traditional ingredients. How far can you stretch the boundaries of what beer can be using only water, malted barley, hops and yeast? The Czar, The Kaiser and The Maharaja are our answers to that question. Intrigued? Avery Brewers invite you to search out all three and further your own understanding.

The MaharajaThe KaiserThe Czar

A dream. An epiphany. A most devilish conception. Call it what you will, we don’t know ourselves what inspired the flavors in the Demons of Ale. We do know that a common thread runs among all three: brewers establish a flavor profile to achieve, throw out all prior notions and perceptions of brewing limitations and proceed with the crafting of the beer. We suggest you do the same when tasting. Keep and open mind. Expand your approach to beer and be open to unthought of flavors.

Samael's Oak Aged AleThe Beast Grand Cru AleMephistopheles' Stout

Experimentation. Ales and lagers that defy styles or categories. This is what we are about: our driving force, our passion. To further facilitate this innovative spirit, we’ve developed our Barrel-Aged Series where anything, and we mean ANYTHING, goes! Brewed for those as adventurous as we are!

Welcome to the genesis of our newest trilogy, the lofty goal to tame the wild nature of barrels, and make an annual release of bottled barrel-aged creations from our aging cellar so that we can get to know and enjoy them for years to come. First the Rumpkin, soon Uncle Jacob’s Stout, and then…
RumpkinUncle Jacob's Stout